The story behind Strings of Life

You may know this story.
It’s about 2000/2001. The exact date is a little sketchy.

Rampin'After the initial success of a mysterious white label simply called “Strings of Life” by Hall ‘n’ Mercy, a vocal version came out after a trip to New York unearthed the accapella on a car boot on the Lower East Side.

“Johnny Rampin vs India – Lover Who Rocks You” was born and also did rather well on the underground.

A few years later the ‘original’ instrumental version was edited by Danny Krivit and the tune was re-released… I think you know the rest !

I have just found the mastered version on CD of the original “Lover Who Rocks You”. This makes me happy. I would like to share it with you. You can hear and download both the vocal and dub versions together as one file here, to get both tunes separately and in full 320kpbs I ask you to subscribe to a new mailing list I am creating. The files will be sent out in a couple of days.

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Enjoy that ?

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