After Ours 7 – The Relentless

I started this mix series over 4 and a half years ago. It was a way for me to share music that I would never be able to play in a club for those who cared to hear it.

Almost 5 years later, this sound is pretty much dominating mixes and radio shows worldwide. It is nothing new for me and many others like me.

I started my foray into house music long before I had any intention of becoming a DJ, some of my best moments were laid on my living room carpet.. lost !

Episode 7 depicts a more energetic after hours session. Prepare yourself and enjoy !


1) Moodymanc ft Kuntri Ranks – State
2) Arbitrary – OOFT!
3) Savvas – What You Need (Echofusion Remix)
4) Lee Daines – Even More Then (Original Mix)
5) Toris Badic & Uusikartano – Floating Under
6) Dream_Drop Beats Not Bombs_ Eric Ericksson Remix
7) Alfred R. – Got To Be Alert (Zeque Remix)
8) Franck Roger – Black Kiss
9) SAbell – Calculations 2 (Original Mix)
10) J.A.M._Thinkin_About_U_Eric Ericksson Remix
11) NK – Do You Wanna (Original Mix)
12) James Dexter – In & Out
13) Marc Heun – Sunoa (Original Mix)
14) Desos – Deep Dancer (Original Mix)
15) Desos – All Night (Andre Detoxx Late Night Remix)
16) The Lamberti Boyz – This Feeling (Original Mix)

Enjoy that ?

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  1. Must admit i do love your afterhours mixes, just listened to this at work, always a journey from start to finish, as you know I like the dark side, but loved this mix, 6 is still my favorite but this is defo a close second.

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