I have no idea what made me check my flight details for my trip this weekend.. but it’s a good job I did !
I look forward to joining all the crew for MustHaveSoul as we present a mini reunion in Dubai at the amazing 360 venue.
I thought I was flying to Dubai on Friday, but I actually am scheduled to leave tomorrow. This means, as well as a mad panic today to get everything in place for my trip, I won’t be able to present The Vocal Booth this week. Never fear, I have enlisted the faithful help of DJP who will be streaming a couple of live mixes from The Vocal Booth Weekender instead, be sure to join him in the chat room, usual time of 8pm GMT on www.pressureradio.com.

Talking of the Vocal Booth Weekender, the brand new site launched this week with the awesome photos from Triin Kokk, available for you to view shot-by-shot or in a nifty little slide show accompanied by Soul Renegade’s remix of Soul Central’s “Song for Sharma”. This track has now been picked up by Mn2s and will be released this side of Xmas with mixes from Grant Nelson, Groove Assassin and DeepCitySoul joining the Soul Renegades mix and our re-mastered original.
Take 5 minutes to browse through www.vocalboothweekender.com and be sure to pop back regular, as any day now we will unveil the amazing feature movie of the event.

I raised a note on Facebook today and watched some healthy debate, which leaves me in a very positive frame of mind ahead of the weekend. I hope this finds you well and I thank you always for your support.

Talking of support, how can I not say another huge ‘Thank You’ to everyone that purchased a track or the entire E.P on Traxsource. The Friends of the Booth, as I send this, sits at number 12 in the download chart and two of the tracks at 5 & 7 respectively in the Deep House section of that chart. If you haven’t bought a copy yet.. YOUR input may be all that stands between the guys and a top 10 spot !!!

See you in the sand, or next week in London for Soul Heaven.

Enjoy that ?

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