Vocal Booth Club Sessions

VBCS is back, baby !! Oh yeah. Episode 72 didn’t actually transmit at the correct time today for some reason, although the new time slot means it is perfect for people to the East or West to catch it live, 7am GMT.

I had asked for the show to be removed totally from SSRadio but due to regular requests to bring it back, here it is. I absolutely love putting these mixes together, I’ve said it before – I don’t claim to be the best mixer but I do pride myself on the programming and execution of these studio sessions… it makes up for all the drunken attempts when I’m live.

Fingers crossed the show resumes where it left off and the podcast subscriptions remain in tact. Any issues, let me know. (Click the logo to listen on-line, subscribe HERE)


Episode 72 – We’re Back, Baby !


01 Bosruu NGawe ATjazz Instr Loading image
02 Elton Nick Move Loading image
03 Ethyl & Flori Tanqueray Loading image
04 Troy Carter Changing Richard Earnshaw Instr & Vocal Loading image
05 Xagoza Heaven Only Knows Instr & Vocal Loading image
06 Toucan & Gabriel Boni Twenty 2 Loading image
07 M & S Tramonto Loading image
08 Jonathan Meyer Mambito Loading image
09 Terry Lex Spritual Thing Loading image
10 Simbad Shine Your Light Instr & Vocal Loading image
11 Shur-I-Khan Body Double Loading image
12 Romain Stand Up Instr Loading image
13 Dj Harris Get Down Loading image
14 R J Fletcher After Thought Loading image
15 C Scott Laws Of Prophet Loading image
16 The Realm One Chance Aki Bergen Dub & Vox Loading image
17 The Windmills Someday Loading image
18 The Logic The Warning Sorry, Can’t Remember Remix Title Loading image
19 Bosruu Ngawe Atjazz Vox

Enjoy that ?

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