Vocal Booth Club Sessions – The Entire Collection

The Vocal Booth Club Sessions was a series of mixes (70 in total) that first broadcast on SSRadio back in 2008.

It was regularly the number one show across the whole network until I finally decided I’d had enough of keeping up to date with new music.

It was an accompaniment to my weekly radio show, where I was in the mix for 2 hours, without any talk on the mic, seeing as my regular show featured so much mic work (mainly to protect the new music from being copied).

I did start reloading all podcasts to a specific website but soon got bored.

I am now happy to provide ALL mixes in one place, for you to either download or stream online at your discretion.

The mixes are hosted on Google Drive, so if you are on a mobile device I recommend you download the app for a hassle-free experience.

Enjoy that ?

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