Vocal Booth 4.11

Typical, I got all excited about doing the show after a week’s break, and I get plagued by gremlins !
First of all, my internet connection decided to fail on me, meaning a great show was rudely interrupted for those of you listening live.  Fortunately the recording will always be fine, so I wasn’t entirely talking to myself… or so I thought !  Then, just as I was about to finish off, after almost the three hours were up, with some REAL sweet vocals playing, my audio interface decided to crash meaning I quite literally WAS talking to myself for the last 20 minutes because it wasn’t even being recorded !

Fingers crossed the server I use will hold up to the demand as I now make each show available via podcast.

You now only have to click here just this once (if you haven’t already done so) and from here on in the show will be waiting for you every Friday in your iTunes music folder.  What could be simpler ?  If you don’t use iTunes then use it !! (or grab the audio below).   It is likely that the email you get will not have clickable links, yet by the time you visit my site they should be working.

The reason I am doing it this way is to make life easier for those of you who want to find my music.. you know where it is.  It also saves me having to upload to a lot of different sites.  Fingers crossed it works fine, if not then back to Soundcloud with our tails between our legs !

This weekend I will attempt a video recording as I record a Vocal Booth Club Sessions, if the equipment decides to mess me about again I can’t be held responsible for my actions !

*update – when uploading & attaching the audio to send this out, I noticed something in the properties of the way the show is recorded that may cause problems for the podcast, so for one final week I will also use Soundcloud , just in case ! I also may have sent this blog out twice, one with active links and one without, one with all the audio attached and one without… I am definitely losing my mind !


Amera Light & Gadget Ninja – Bang Bang (Andy Ward Remix)
Fabrizio Marra & Donald Sheffey – Keep Pushing On
Steven Stone feat. Andrea Love – Just Can’t Stop (MoD & Staffan Thorsell Remix)
Groove Junkies & Joi Cardwell – What’s Freedom (Groove Junkies Classic Vox)
Marlon D – Untitled
Manuel Sahagun – The Cross

Ian Dadds, November Mix
1.Gypsymen – Hear The Music (Ospina & Oscar P NYC Mix)
2.Kenny Dope – K-Warp (Main Mix)
3.Kevin Yost – Mother B – Metropolis EP
4.Franck Roger – Loosin
5.Micky Moore – Groove Culture – House Gallery EP
6.Kevin Yost – Right To Your Soul (Aki Bergen Remix)

Joey Negro presents Akabu – Searchin’ (Jimpster Remix)
Imaani Brown Ft. Jamal Marquis – Loose My Mind (Original Mix)
Benedetto & Farina feat LT Brown – Im So Grateful (Ray Jones Vocal Remix)
Manuel Sahagun – Hit Me Again
Tomson featuring Paul Randolph – Joy Vibration (Aqua Bassino Remix)
SoulDeliciousMusic – Love can show you how
JazzLoungerz feat. Natasha Watts – Tell Me (Main Mix)
Enzyme Black – ‘ME2U’ (Logistix Remix)
MoWz – The Grooveman (Fuzzy Saxy Dub Remix)
Lisa Shaw – Free (Deep Vocal Rub)
DJ Le Roi ft Andrea Love – Let It Feel Good (Atjazz Remix)
Manuel Sahagun – The Cross

Enjoy that ?

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