VB Radio live from Country Beat 2018

Country Beat is a party that’s been running for some years now, put on by Neil & Tammy Pinnock.

I’d like to say it’s akin to a mini-festival in their back garden, with around 100 or so people exclusively invited and allowed to camp on the grass and out the back in the Farmer’s field. As you can imagine with such a ‘small’ gathering, everyone knows one another and the atmosphere is pretty, shall we say, relaxed.

Well, after spending two days there myself with Michelle, it’s fair to say I was relaxed… and then some. It feels like I was there about 20 minutes and only 5 of those I have any recollection of!

Here’s the recording of the live broadcast. I genuinely haven’t got a clue how it sounds, what I played or anything else surrounding the show. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

It definitely feels very Vocal Booth esque today. I’m exhausted from all the laughter. I hope you had a great weekend yourself, whatever you did.

Enjoy that ?

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