VB Radio Show is BACK !

After a 6 week break, I am happy to be back on the air tonight, Thursday, from 8pm GMT.

If you miss the live show, the podcast will go out over the weekend or be available to stream immediately Friday morning from my app.

The break from the show has been much needed.. the weeks don’t seem so short and I have been able to finish all the VB related editing, decorate my daughter’s bedroom, get aircon/heating fitted into the studio as well as hook my CDs up to Traktor (check the recent mix here) and generally get my office/studio space as close to perfect as I would like it. I just need to get some proper picture frames for a few more photos and posters and I’ll be sorted for the next 12 months or so.

As if you needed any reminding, I am collecting for Movember so please donate something, anything !
Click the photo for the donations page.
In a bit, dog shit !

Enjoy that ?

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