VB 15th Nov

This week’s show began with a game of fumble in the dark. I won. Check it out to hear the full story.

(links are to Traxsource.com)

Apple Juice – Groove Together (Original Mix))
Sandy Turnbull ft Mr Bailey – Dreaming
Tracy Hamlin – Drive Me Crazy (Rhemi Remix)
Marlon D Presents Ultra Nate – God’s Message (Jose Carretas Mix)
Simba – Jaywalking
Jason Bye – Drive Me Crazy
Athletic Duo + DR – Say What (Original Mix)
Timmy Vegas – Feelin Good
Jay’s Toy Robot ft Biblical Jones – Man’s World (BackRoomSounds Remix)
Urban Soul – Until We Meet Again (Sean McCabe Remix)
Reel People ft Omar – As Long As You Believe (Jullian Gomes Remix)
Ollie Brooke & Christa feat Johnny G & Julius Speed – I Still Walk Home Alone (DJ Freestyle’s Remix)
Tom Conrad & Andre Bonsor – After Dark
Sgz + Tabledance ft Ame Surce – Changes (Blackwax Mix)
Brutkho – When You Will Wake Up On My Right (Original Mix)
Edmund feat. Sacha D’Flame – Got Music
Doc Link and Angel A – Favorite Things
Reel People – Butterflies (The Layabouts Vocal Mix)
Alton Miller – Feel About Me
Savvas – Soultown (Soul Minority Remix)
Jet ft. Zg.Dr – Rooted (Earnshaw’s Vocal REconstruction)
DReam – Drop Beats Not Bombs (Eric Ericksson Remix)
Salvatore Agrosi feat. Dennis Baker – The Real Me (Original Mix)
SAbell – Calculations 2 (Original Mix)
Santiago Santamaria – Changes (Pura Mix)
thatmanmonkz – Acting like a Fool
Nohijo – Do It All Night (Late Night Mix)
Paul Jones – Love the Way (Stax Magoo remix)

Enjoy that ?

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