Up the Bottom

A rather childish play on words, yet at the same time totally within the realms of being a mature title for this week’s podcast.
Recorded back in January one glorious Sunday afternoon during my Australia tour, here you get over 5 hours of great music, well in my opinion at least.

If you recall my blogs from the tour, this was “The Bottom Pub” in Cobram, Victoria. A tiny town, home to my good friends Paul & Pippa Riley, this session was put on for the locals the day after a big night before.

I start off literally letting some CDs I had compiled (soul & funk) play themselves for the first hour or so, moving into some mellower house before upping the energy somewhat as the party came alive.

It really was a great day and the set is an even blend of familiar tracks to keep the non-house heads happy, as well as a few for myself so I didn’t feel I was selling myself short. By the end of the night the whole place was rocking and I was pretty merry. The mixing is pretty basic, due to the equipment I had to use.

I would love to think this could be the soundtrack to a BBQ or afternoon party of your own this summer.

I’m hoping to be back on air next week with The Vocal Booth, I am still rather busy at home with my terrace renovations. Take a look at how I’m getting on.

NB: This session will not be loaded to Soundcloud due to copyright issues.

Enjoy that ?

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