Triathlon Man

Running the Barcelona Marathon will be my biggest achievement this year but now I can proudly say I am also a Triathlete after completing a local Sprint Triathlon yesterday.

A Sprint Triathlon consists of a 750m swim in the sea, a 20km bike ride and a 5km run.

I didn’t do much training for this event as I knew none of the 3 disciplines would give me any difficulties and I had no intentions of trying to do it at any kind of speed. I am also enjoying focusing on gym work now.

4 amigos (Tony Poole, Dave Tait, Wally Walton and moi) took part alongside 70 or so others in our category.

It was a great occasion. Despite not pushing myself too much, I also don’t think I could have gone any faster anyway.

I finished with a time of 1hr33m which seems to be a relatively decent time for my first attempt. Dave Tait did really well at 1hr17m and Tony Poole did 1hr47m but what an amazing achievement for a man ready to celebrate his 60th next year ! Wally lost his timing chip so we have no idea how he did but it was around 2 hours.

We finished the day off with beers and food on the beach with our families then I came home and enjoyed listening to Pressure for a while before heading to the pub to get some junk food and a few more Martinis.

A great day all round.

Official Times:

Swim – 23m42s

Transition 1 = 2m 42s

Bike – 43m41s

Transition 2 = 1m

Run – 22m42s

Enjoy that ?


  1. I thought I had read it a while back, and you did a personal best didn’t you? Guess I thought it was last year, teach me to read the email properly.
    Well done on the triathlon mate, great achievement
    Marathon! I couldn’t eat one at the moment, let alone run one ha ha
    Love to you, Michelle & the Family. Speak soon TJ

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