Suncebeat 2

After having played twice now for the world renowned Southport Weekender, I was thrilled to have been invited to join them this year for their second festival in Croatia.

I was just about to say that there are major similarities between what they are doing and what I have here in Spain, then I decided against it. The two events are worlds apart, which is why I am happy to be able to push this party with as much passion as my own Vocal Booth Weekender.

For one, just take a look at the line up, this isn’t something you can pull together with the help of a few DJ friends. This is some serious calibre of artists, which is all the more reason for me to be so excited about it. I am also excited to be heading to the Garden in Croatia for the first time, as it is owned by a very good friend of mine and his family after they themselves took the brave step and emigrated from Birmingham not long after us (or was it before ?)

If it came down to a choice between the VBW or SunCeBeat, well you know where my loyalties lie, however if money isn’t an issue and you can afford to do both, then please do yourselves a favour and get booking now !

Enjoy that ?

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