Stream Facebook LIVE through your mixer. Instructions and tips.

A few weeks ago I did some research and learnt how to broadcast my radio show live via my mixer and desktop computer. This gives me untold options rather than sharing shitty sound from my phone (although my internet strength could be better for a sharper image).

Here is the video explaining how to do it.

FB Live Re-Broadcast

Today, I then took it a step further by re-broadcasting yesterday’s show which I had recorded to my computer. It all went really well, meaning that from time to time I can schedule a FB LIVE BROADCAST on video and get everyone involved in the live chat stream etc etc.

It’s not something I’ll use on a regular but just another of those itches I had to scratch, if you know what I mean.

As you can see I’ve created a neat frame to focus purely on the decks to you don’t have to be subjected to my socks n sandals and dad dancing whilst in the mix.

Good luck !

I have embedded the FB live re-broadcast below although I’m not sure how much of the 3 hours will actually be saved and whether or not it will get deleted (which seems to be the case for most of these videos due to copyright laws).

**Edit – Just as I thought… the video was removed within 15 minutes, if I really wanted to I could reload it to Vimeo but I can’t be arsed**

Enjoy that ?

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