SoulfulHouseSounds – A new Web Portal

Way back at the start of the summer last year I was approached by a couple of people regarding setting up a new Soulful House Music portal, in the light of the onslaught of all the new “Deep House”, to help separate the original, soulful music vibes with the fairly mediocre stuff that was flooding the market place.

I spent many hours working with these guys, created the website for them and put everything into place ready for a live launch. As usual, it seems like I managed to team up with the biggest time wasters known to man, and the project lay unfinished without my input and indeed I never got paid for all the hours I put in.

I totally forgot all about it until today, when I reminded myself by coming across the #soulfulhouse tag, if you check all the video broadcasts from VB2013, there it is also, as well as on the programme. A cheeky drop to plant the seed, so to speak.

Well, Fuck ’em !

I’m taking this project over myself now and am looking for a couple of my good friends and associates (you) that would like to get involved from the start.

If it’s something you’d like more info on, drop me an email. Time wasters need not apply !!

Check out the site here – SoulfulHouseSounds

Enjoy that ?

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