Soul Heaven

Soul Heaven last Saturday was awesome.  I purposely didn’t arrive to the Ministry of Sound until after midnight as I wasn’t due to play until 5am, after Kenny Dope.   For some reason, earlier last week, I decided that I wanted to play as best as I possibly could and so didn’t want to get too drunk…  probably a bit late in my career to be making such a decision, don’t you think ??

When I arrived the party was already in full swing and I was really happy to see so many of the Vocal Booth Family in attendance, taking over the entire space in front of the DJ in the bar area. I had the chance to catch up with a few people over a beer before taking the plunge and hitting the dance floor to meet everyone.
The whole night had a great vibe about it, even though it was WAY too crowded in the main room at times.

I really enjoyed my set, but staying sober is definitely over rated ! The only plus side is that I remember all of the night, which I am glad about because at one point myself, Kenny Dope and Frankie Feliciano were all involved in a three way behind the decks, Kenny playing from my CD wallet.

Thanks to everyone that came down to show support, I look forward to the next big event.

As I send this, I look in my diary and it is one of the quietest periods of the year for me gig wise. This could change at any moment but while I definitely need to be getting busy again on the road I will take full advantage of the down time to start up on some studio productions and doing a little home improvement. Myself and the family will be in Birmingham all of Christmas and into the New Year, I am also trying to co ordinate my return to Australia for New Year’s Eve and throughout January although that is proving a little slow a the moment.. I will keep you all updated as and when the situation changes.

Music wise, as always there are the following shows to check out.. hope this finds you well and I’ll see you soon on the dance floor.

Enjoy that ?


  1. Was any of Saturday recorded at Ministry? I travelled all the way from Sunderland to attend and enjoyed every single tune played never shut up about it all the way home.

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