Snoring or Sleep Talk Problems ?

According to Michelle I come out with some pretty ridiculous statements in my sleep, sometimes she finds it funny, sometimes I scare her half to death as I wake her up.

Seeing as I am probably the last man on the planet to get an iPhone I am still enjoying browsing through the apps. As recently recommended here I am now an avid fan of the Instagram and Mood Panda apps. Yesterday I found another, and it has given us some serious laughs today.

The Sleep Time Recorder works, quite literally, like a dream ! Available for Android and Apple devices, you activate it before going to sleep and it records the whole night, with the recording starting and stopping every time it detects noise. When you wake up you have all the moments of audio in one handy file to listen back to.

Last night we slept for 8 hours and had about 8 minutes of audio to listen to this morning. Most of it was Michelle snoring, which has been pretty hysterical seeing as she has never heard herself snore before.
There are two sections where I am singing the chorus to Louie Vega’s new song with Elements of Life. Unfortunately there isn’t really enough to bother sharing it with you… but I’m sure there will be in the future !

You HAVE to give this a try. Please let me know how you get on.

Tonight, we are recording Mikey. Now THAT is going to be pretty funny, he is a bit of a lunatic in his sleep.

Enjoy that ?

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