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Episode 8 of H.I.G.H is now live.

It’s one of the projects I am most proud of and yet the one I make the least noise about, for very obvious reasons once you listen to it.

If you have never caught this, then you may be missing out, big time. It is a chance for myself and Julian Bendall to share some great memories from our histories as well as some funny stories attached to each track.

The last few episodes have been slightly dark as Julian went thru some testing moments, this time around we share some words for the producers and DJs ‘in the game’, as well as the usual sex, drugs and rock and roll anecdotes.

Here are episodes 1-6 if you missed any in a handy zip folder. Be sure to subscribe for all the rest.

Listen on line here
Grab the podcast here.

Enjoy that ?

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  1. Guys , great podcast , nice role reversal this time , Mr Wardy the Win….

    A night alone with the Princess of the Shoe and you go make a podcast?? ………..I know what i would have rather been doing :-)…Seriously love these podcasts, Awesome tunes…. I absolutely loved the 3 that never made it. Argos ears is a term for those that put £, before quality .

    Take care GILLMAN

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