Respect to Southport

My mind took me to the Southport Weekender today, and the amazing event about to take place in just over 3 weeks time.

In homage to the event that has kept the soulful flag flying in the UK and beyond for over 25 years, I wanted to share with you the two sets I have had the fortune to play on the main stage.

These are now both available thru my app (go to the Pick n Mix section), Southport 33 and Southport 46.

Both sets were warm up sets, at 33 I warmed up for Masters at Work who came on directly after me, at 46 I warmed up for Joe Clausell.  On both occasions I started playing to a sparsely filled Powerhouse, by the time I’d finished the room was heaving and swaying nicely.

I take pride in my warm up sets.  I’ve said it before… it is not a warm up DJ’s role to make a name for himself.. but to be instrumental in the flow of the evening.  Listening back to these sets and remembering how they were received brings a smile to  my face.  I distinctly remember the “ooooph” sound coming from the crowd on certain tunes.  I love the peaks and troughs in each set… hyping the crowd and then reeling them back in.  Some people may find this frustrating… fuck them !  ha ha… couldn’t resist that.

To all my friends heading to Minehead in May, please have a drink and a dance for me..  I really must stop feeling sorry for myself before I start looking at flights !

The Vocal Booth Radio show returns this Thursday.

p.s – if you want a download link for these mixes… just ask !

Enjoy that ?

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