Request show

A couple of weeks ago, with time on my hands, I fired up the amps and broadcast a show on Friday afternoon to help bring the weekend a little closer. People loved it.
Yesterday, I did the same thing but with a twist. I gave anyone listening the chance to chose the music and also the opportunity to come live on air. I have a feeling this show/format will become very popular.
I did have reservations about putting yet MORE music on my server, so for these shows I will go back to making full use of my Soundcloud account.

Having listened back to the show whilst doing my Saturday morning chores, I’m sure you’re going to love the quality music that was chosen out of the archives and will want to get involved yourselves for future shows.

This has also given me an idea for the final Vocal Booth radio show of 2010 which will be on Thursday 16th December. Add me as a Skype contact now, Skype name = thevocalbooth

Enjoy that ?

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