In 2006 I was asked to present a special show for 1Xtra, called “The Basement“.

Here I was asked to share some of the most important tracks that helped shape my career in the music industry.

It was a thankless task, trying to choose from a huge musical library and convey, in two hours, those defining moments.

After listening again to this show recently, I am more than happy with the tracks I selected, and think they give an excellent insight into myself and the wonderful times I have had along the way.

This show is especially dedicated to all my Birmingham friends and family, to the peoples of…

  • Castle Vale & Pype Hayes
  • Sutton Coldfield
  • The Powerhouse, Boogies, Edwards, The Dome etc
  • The Hummingbird
  • Marco Polo’s

Please pass this blog link onto anyone that you immediately think of when you hear each tune.

Enjoy that ?


  1. Nice one mate,all the bangers from the past.Loved the Electro,memories of them long nights at your gaff.Classic.

  2. Clifton Rd (HipHopBeBopDontStop) > the YMCA (Al Naayfish) > the Hummingbird (Strings of../Chime) > Handsworth/Small Heath raves……

    Oh the memories!!!

  3. back in the day bruv,good friends,love that you,ll think will last forever,coming home 2days after we went out,fuckin priceless,peace bruv….

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