Reading back my old Blogs… Saying ‘Hi’ to you for reading.

I was reminded about this blog earlier, dating back to 2012.

Andy Ward – My journey

It tells about my journey as a DJ and looking back i am surprised it was 6 years ago that I’d actually made a decision to stop playing out.

If you were following my blogs back then you would have seen all the signs way b4 then anyway.

Anyway, I read that blog and the many comments that followed and remembered just how prolific I used to be with my writing. I guess the daily nonsense I spurt on FB has replaced my blog now and especially because I’m not really active as “DJ Andy Ward” I don’t feel I have much to write about.

I just felt the need/desire to reach out to you, as a strong supporter of my blog, and say Hi. I hope you are still enjoying the weekly radio show because, as you know, no bastard ever writes me anymore 🙂

Love ya. 



Enjoy that ?

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