Playlist – 27.8.09

Another show that I absolutely loved from the word “Go”.

Some real uplifting tracks within, including a couple of Vocal Booth classics.

There are a few “lose it” moments from myself on the show, and it was great to have Jay-J join us live in the chat, and for the first time on the show we managed to do a live interview about the album.



Timmy Vegas – Cant Make it thru another Day, Grant Nelson remix
Rob Hayes – Piano Theme (320)
Michele McCain – All i can do (Andy Ward Remix)
Jovanotti – L’ombelico del Mondo
Audio Affinity ft Gemma Roe – All For M, Shane D’s Vocal Rework
Chris Simmonds – Sirens – CS Next Level Mix
Basement Jaxx – Red Alert
Hangman – The Shaman
Christos Kedras – choice – Graham Sahara Remix
Dee Jayne – Delicious
South Of Roosevelt – This Is How It Is
Harold Heath – Run Tings
The Jinks & Michelle Weeks – Shame, Groove Assassin vocal mix
The Ones –  Flawless
Pat Bedeau & kenny Large – Syncronicity
Junia Ovadose – Post Modernism
Thick Dick – Instatiable
Andy Ward – My September Song
Filin Brake & David Maranello – Black Magic Pearl (Filin Brake 2009 Deep Mix)
Roselie – Be my Lover dubb – Blacksoulmusic
Alfredo Norese Feat Maxyne Ryan – Come on Over
D Foster & K Mcpherson  – The Feeling feat Brian Chambers
DJ Kenny Ray & Farley Jack Master Funk- A GROOVE (is a terrible thing to waste)
Kim English – Nothings Impossible (Duwayne Motley’s The Counselor Remix)
Arnold Jarvis & DJN Project – Wake Up
Shake the Dog – Kite yo Danse, new mix

Jay J interview:
Love Alive
Gettin’ a Rise
Ease your mind

TDK – Follow Me (Katoline Deep Remix)

Vocal Booth live, 27.8.09 by andyward

Enjoy that ?


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