Pill Heads

I am always listening out for a specific sound of a record to put into my After Ours mixes, whether from the promos I get sent, in other people’s mixes or by browsing through on-line stores.  As I find tunes I think are suitable, I put them in a folder on my desktop and forget about them.  Then, as the mood takes me and I decide it is time to unleash another bad boy on the world, I open up the folder to see what gems lie within.

Unlike any other mixes I do, I carefully program the After Ours sessions, putting the tracks into a specific order and slotting them together so they flow effortlessly and in the exact right places.

The selection for this mix was quite heavy, and after listening back to the playlist I put together of the running order, I came up with the concept behind the session.  I’m really pleased with this and I’d love to hear your feedback once I finish and post the mix as a podcast next week.

It’s 5am, you are in the club and in the middle of one serious head rush.  Your friends are around you enjoying the tunes but you cannot take it any longer.  You head for the door, the last thing you remember is taking a piece of paper from a pretty girl outside the club as you head for a dark alley.

You slowly come around, its 6.30am and there’s not a soul in sight.  You pick yourself up from the doorway and walk to the main road.  Just as it starts to rain, you realise you left your coat in the club with your keys, wallet and phone in.  You are stranded in the middle of the city, miles from home.  As you stand there, dazed, you put your hands in your pocket and feel something.  Pulling out the piece of paper you realise it’s a flyer, an invitation to an illegal After Ours session in a nearby warehouse.

As the rain falls and the city comes to life you wander the streets looking for the venue. Your eyes and imagination appear to be playing tricks on you once more, you hear the faint sounds of bass in the distance.  The heavens open as a storm erupts and you turn down a deserted alley, through the doors of an old derelict warehouse.  As you push open the heavy wooden doors, the kick drum hits you.

The next hours come and go in the blink of an eye, After Ours 6 is the soundtrack to your experience… the story unfolds on the podcast with a continuation of these words added in the credits section.

Here are all 5 previous volumes if you like the idea of this mix… each one has it’s own back story.


Podcast now live – get it here

After Ours by andyward

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