VB Radio Show Sep 3

Started off as a MAW driven excursion into mid-90s house and ended up late 80’s Chicago classics. Nice journey. Smashed it 🙂

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VB Radio Show 8th Aug 2013

No, it isn’t a typo 🙂

After being made an offer I simply couldn’t refuse, I have a Friday and Saturday night residency all through August at the wonderful Fishbowl Restaurant. This sees me sharing background music for the diners for 5 hours both nights. This, along with the fact that I’ll be all music’d out come Sunday, means I won’t be presenting the show until September.

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Saturday Random Podcast

Today I took to the airwaves to fill in for one of the Pressure Crew, it’s a nice mix of digital tunes from the last 7 to 8 years.


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VB Radio Show 2 July

That was a nice surprise… I got the vibe for a bit of a bumpy session and rolled with it. Hope you enjoy it. See you Saturday !

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