Southport – I’m there !!

Here is the official timetable for the Southport Weekender, including my set time. I won’t ask you to come and support me as there is so much on, although if you do make the effort, I promise you won’t be disappointed !

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VB 26th Apr

A newly formatted computer and a pretty mental day meant the show had a somewhat shaky start, but as you’ll hear from the broadcast, don’t sweat the little things

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Vocal Booth Dubai

Extremely excited about heading to Dubai this weekend, ready for a set next Thursday at Sunstroke.

Here are a couple of interviews I was asked for, as well as links to a slamming 60 minute mix.

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VB 19th Apr

Back in full effect, 3 hours of sweet vocals and a packed chat room getting hyped about a certain party in September.

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Tenaglia ‘quits’

Danny Tenaglia was one of my earliest influences as a DJ. Here I share some words on the big man and news of his resignation from the music world.

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Respect to Southport

My mind took me to the Southport Weekender today, and the amazing event about to take place in just over 3 weeks time.

In homage to the event that has kept the soulful flag flying in the UK and beyond for over 25 years, I wanted to share with you the two sets I have had the fortune to play on the main stage.

The Vocal Booth Radio show returns this Thursday.

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HIGHFY Episode 11

This episode sees Mr Bendall lay himself wide open to public criticism as he shares unfinished tracks from his forthcoming album… his “sketch pad” so to speak.

It felt really disjointed as we recorded it due to the technical issues, and yet listening back the technical issues are more than shadowed by the madness of Julian.


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Streets of the Sun “Mash up”

Last summer I was presented with a pretty tasty rendition of Streets of the Sun, the track I made with Sofia Rubina that came out on Soul Heaven.

It was a mash up created by D-Reflection, utilising a beautiful backing track from Kyoto Jazz Massive.

I get asked constantly for this track and after consulting Dennis (D-Reflection) we decided to make it available for a strictly limited time. Grab your download now before it disappears !

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