VB Radio Show 6th Nov

My internet was down this weekend at home so I did the show as usual but with no one listening didn’t feel the need to use the mic at all.

2 hours of pure, un-interrupted bullets from the archives, enjoy.

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VB Radio 30th Oct

A total change of direction as I’m joined in the studio by Dave Furze, sharing two hours of original vinyl nuggets from the Northern Soul & Disco Era.

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VB Radio 16 Oct

An extended, 3 hour show this week. Great wine-fuelled grooves, so expect me to tell you I love you a few times 🙂

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VB Radio Oct 2nd

Another two hours of just letting the tunes do the work. Boy oh boy… these shows are touching me. So is the wine !

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VB Radio Show 25 Sept

Back to a regular show. Having done two hours yesterday I felt I’d said all I needed to say for this week so just let the music do most of the talking and I loved every single second of this.

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Kickstarter Success

Before the madness of VB kicks in, I just wanted to send a quick update about the Kickstarter Project.

Thanks to the help of 53 people, we have managed to raise the necessary funds to get the filming done this weekend. Respect and congratulations… you have made a very wise choice.

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VB Radio 4th Sep – Bah Samba Special

2 hours of tunes, joined live in the studio by Julian Bendall of Bah Samba.

It totally escaped me that it was the last show b4 VB (as daft as that sounds) when I asked Julian to join me… to be honest I don’t get the chance that often so although it isn’t the way I’d choose to do a final show before we are all together, I still wanted to do this one just as it came out.

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