Summer Ball – full details

Here are the details for my Birthday celebrations in June, as well as the official party for Pressure Radio 10 yr anniversary.

Hotel rooms are nearly all gone, snapped up by most of the Vocal Booth Family, so if you want to come and enjoy some naughty jacuzzi action, you need to get a swerve on !

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14th Feb Vocal Booth

For this week’s show we take another trip down memory lane, going back to a Valentine’s special from 2009.
I’m Hoping to be back in full health next week for more brand new music for you.

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Greg Wilson interview

Take time out from whatever it is you do that doesn’t really warrant all of your attention, and watch this very interesting interview with Greg Wilson. You may already be subscribed to his blog, but you probably won’t bother to watch this as it’s too long. Your loss !

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7th Feb VB Radio Show

This week’s live show sees us jump into the time machine to April 2009, 3 hours of timeless music from back in the day when the VB was live on TKO FM. Take a listen, some crackers on here I need to dig back out.

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Gotta Have Your Love

Baby Noel ft Lau Estrada, Gotta Have Your Love, the track I have been featuring on my show for the last few months, is now available for purchase.

It features a pretty groovy dub from myself and Deep Josh.

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I’ve Gone Shuffling Mad

If you don’t follow me on Facebook then you may have missed this topic of Shuffling that was brought up recently after my previous blog. Take a read.

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