It’s a London thing

Skipping through the highlights of my weekend in London and throwing forward to the party in Birmingham on Saturday 14th December.

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Weekend Maneouvres

Vocal Booth Reunion this weekend in London and some details about my guest show on Pressure Radio this Sunday 3rd Nov, as well as why my own show ended.

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I took this photo of an amazing sunset across the Costa Blanca today, 10 years after moving here from the UK. This blog talks about a new chapter in life I feel I have embarked upon recently.

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Club Xairo, Friday – VB2013

In case you missed it, here is my Friday night set from Club Xairo, VB2013. Don’t forget about the VB Reunion hosted by Deep into Soul in Brixton on Saturday 2nd November. Check the post for full details.

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My VB2013 Experience

There’s nothing to read here.. just a few words about my personal experience of VB2013 and all that comes with it.

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VB live, 12th Sept

Recorded on the eve of the Vocal Booth Weekender 2013, this is a live show featuring Timmy Vegas and yours truly. It’s a bit cringeworthy for me to listen back to, the more drunk I get the more I repeat what I said 30 seconds ago… nothing new there then. My personal VB2013 review will follow in the coming days.

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5th Sept Vocal Booth

This is the final VB Radio Show, in its usual format, for some time.

I enlisted the help of Mikey to see it off in style.

See you next week.

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Sponsored Balloon Release – VBW2013

We have all lost someone we love to cancer, in any of its forms, here we unite in our celebration of our friends’ memories.

Join us by making a small suggested donation of €2. Full details in this blog on our 500 balloon release at VB2013.

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