The life and times of Big Den

It’s finally happened. I’ve found a way to share our Family stories for anyone that’s interested and believe me, there are some SERIOUS stories to tell.

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The day we lost a legend

My dad passed away in his sleep yesterday, totally unexpected. I just wanted to share the news but DO NOT want it plastered all over Facebook. Have a look at the man that helped make me who I am today.

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Artists don’t owe you anything !

A great article supporting Lauryn Hill and her recent spate of criticism but more importantly it gives me the opportunity to get out what I’ve been trying to say for a while surrounding my lack of desire to play out so much anymore.

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October gigs

After deciding to get back in the saddle and play at a couple of select parties, I am happy to announce these two dates in October. Amsterdam and Bournemouth are on the horizon after a little party I’m doing a little closer to home.

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Vocal Booth Radio Show Aug ’14

As we prepare for our biggest week of the year, I share 3 hours of music selected at random from the CD archives. Some cracking favourites were pulled out. I also share a world-exclusive play of Blackwax’s wonderful remix of my forthcoming release with Sofia Rubina.

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The end of Facebook as we know it

The following article goes some way to validate a previous blog written by myself regarding why it is so important for any business or serious professional to have their own website and, more importantly, immediate access to their own client/fan database outside of any social media network.

Sharing again to my own loyal network of friends and followers. (Thank You)

Please read this WHATEVER your line of work or level of interest as a DJ or musician. It is not a hard sell but is definitely information you need to know.

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