Vocal Booth Beach Sessions, Week One

Against all my decisions to hang up the headphones, I was made an offer I couldn’t refuse recently (great music in an amazing setting) and so started an eight week residency at Thai Beach Club, right here close to Murcia Airport.

Playing every Thursday from 17:00 – 21:00 hrs, the intention is to take a journey through my music collection, throwing down any soulful house that jumps out at me from my collection.

Here is Week One.

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Triathlon Man

Running the Barcelona Marathon will be my biggest achievement this year but now I can proudly say I am also a Triathlete after completing a local Sprint Triathlon yesterday.

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Into the Vault – May 15

This month’s session of “Into the Vault”. I always intended to get around to it at some point and now we have it.

Hope you enjoy, there really are some outstanding pieces of music on here !

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Think and Grow Rich – A Must Read

Interested in better health, a better diet, more money, more freedom in or out of work, a better relationship with your parents, siblings, children, friends and more hope for the future ? Read this !

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Local Half Marathon

On the same day as the London Marathon, myself, my wife and son and a couple of friends ran our local half-marathon and 10.5km run. Here’s how we got on.

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The Return of Amnesia House

Amnesia House returns on Saturday 27th June. I’ve shared a few words why that event means so much to me and thousands of others. Meet you by the speakers !

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