No show this week

Just back from a great weekend in Madrid with Michelle, Dave Furze and his partner Sara.

We took the train there (really comfortable and cheap journey) to see Louie Vega play at Marula Cafe. The whole trip was fun from start to finish.
As you’d expect we enjoyed some nice drinks and food but at some point, something didn’t agree with me and on the return car ride I wasn’t feeling too well.

Long story short, it seems anything I had to eat or drink the whole day on Sunday didn’t want to be digested so it left me feeling pretty shitty when I should have been doing my show.

I contemplated sending something out in it’s place but am sure there’s more than enough music out there you can listen to. I just wanted to notify the die hard fans who look forward to their Monday morning fix.

I’ve woken up after having to empty my stomach before bed last night feeling dehydrated and starving. I’m sure I’ll be fine later.

Enjoy that ?

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