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You may recall a few months ago I decided to stop uploading my mixes to Soundcloud.  This was due to constant problems every week when I tried to update the new shows. Well this week I received a newsletter from them which caught my eye.  It featured a tool to enable me to build my own mobile app.  This isn’t anything new, there are many such programs out there but I guess the timing was right and I delved a little deeper.  I have actually been waiting for about 3 different people to finish an app they promised me.. over a year later and I’m still waiting.  It amazes me how some people do any business at all !!?

Anyway.. to cut a long story short I am now the proud owner of a very simple yet effective mobile application that seems to work fine on iPhone and iPads and I assume should be fine on Android devices also.

Click this link to get it on your mobile, if you are using iPod touch/iPhone, remember to add it to your home screen so it works like any other app and saves the icon there.

It features my latest radio shows (as long as they upload to Soundcloud OK), my ‘Into the Vault’ mixes, my ‘After Ours’ mixes as well as my latest blog entries, Facebook and Twitter feeds.

Let me know if you have any issues.

One Love to ya.. see you at the weekend or in the chat room on Thursday !




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