Long Haul

Finally back home after a grueling 10 day mini tour, taking in Dubai, Shanghai, Jakarta & Surabaya.

I fully intended to keep a journal as I went along each day, but that went out the window on day one.

I have pieced together a video diary which more than captures the vibe of the whole trip, once again I hope this gives you an opportunity to see places and people that you wouldn’t necessarily see first hand.

I strongly urge you to sacrifice something next year and spread your wings and visit somewhere you have only ever dreamed about. Experiencing new cultures and cuisines is something truly inspiring and I am always aware of how very fortunate I am to be in such a position to do it regularly, even when I complain about the gruelling toll the travelling takes on the body. Believe me, the travelling part really does take it out of you, but in hindsight it’s always well worth it.

Highlights of this trip included:

  • Meeting all my old friends, goes without saying.  Meeting new friends and forming strong ties for future work.
  • The food – again, goes without saying really.  One of my favourite things about travelling.
  • Shopping – you can’t beat a good old haggle and a few new movies, it amazes me how they get the films so quickly over there and how cheap they are, they must have a real good relationship with the studios and film makers (cough, cough).
  • Impromptu performance – On the Sunday, returning back to Jakarta, I went to see Nick Moss aka Groove Assassin & Stephanie Cooke performing at a big open air event. Seeing them and Sean Doyle was great, and eventually I became MC for the night, joined Nick on the decks as well as becoming dancer for Stephanie while she sang. We really smashed the hell outta that event.  All topped off with a rather graceful crowd dive ending in blood and a bruised ego, which lasted all of 5 seconds before I was back up on the speaker stacks… and to think I’m usually quite shy !!??

Enjoy that ?


  1. ooh Andy you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind!!
    Seriously now, it was so great to have you back in Shanghai after your visit 2 years ago, even the whole shopping experience was as exciting for me as it was for you!! And the food always tastes better when you’re around!! Must be the loooove..
    Already looking forward to your next visit.. maybe Shanghai again.. or maybe Beijing? or it might even be Hanoi.. we’ll see.. thanks for the good memories and a smashing set on that god given wednesday!! All the best and looking forward to the radio show tomorrow!! Peace!!!!

  2. Nice one Bruv! Next time you need to take me along with you so you don’t have to think about video and stills and you can concentrate on your MC Skills!

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