London – my last gig and my next gig.

Fresh, Sweet & Sexy was a great vibe in a cosy little bar on the South side of the Tower Bridge this weekend, respect to everyone that came down and partyed.

There was a great vibe in there as the warm up DJs played a blinder. Curly Deb, DJ Raw, Bones, Stuart Mitchell, Nick Power and MrcSp all did the business and set the night up lovely for me to come on.

As always, I am my own worst critic and felt I could have/should have come with a few more of the new vocal tracks I have, I was pretty annoyed with myself tbh at the end of the set. Either way the crowd definitely were with me all the way and you can listen/watch my entire set here (I begin around the 58 minute mark on this Ustream broadcast)


I now enjoy a few weekends with no gigs, giving me time to concentrate on a some projects at home as well as my WardsWebsites customers.

Boat Party – 7yrs of SSRadio in conjunction with The Vocal Booth Weekender

Next up for me, I return to London on the 23rd June for an official Vocal Booth Weekender party, this time teaming up again with SSRadio for another awesome boat party.

The last one we did to celebrate the 5th anniversary was totally awesome and this one looks set to be even bigger and better.  Keep your eyes open for the next VBW newsletter for a special discount code on your ticket !!

Click the flyer for more info.

Enjoy that ?


  1. It was a great nite Andy all the DJs played a blinding set of Fresh Sweet and Sexy tunes and considering we had been out the previous night too we thoroughly enjoyed the night and stayed until the end. Have a good break and come fully refreshed to the Boat Party, see u there xxxx

  2. Sounded like quality from where I was sitting mate…although you didn’t feel as impresses as you wanted to, I believe it was musically brilliant – Some DJs are never happy – I, for one am usually guilty of the same.

    Good luck with the future gigs and enjoy the weekends off 🙂 See ya at VB!

  3. Was good to see you on Saturday mate, and very much looking forward to the boat party! Fingers-crossed the weather is as good as it was this weekend.

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