Got my Mojo back

What a stupid saying… but it feels apt.
There really isn’t anything that warrants your time in this blog, I just felt like writing it.

I have spent the last 4 weeks constantly editing audio and video from VB2012, as well as building websites, apps, decorating my daughter’s bedroom blah blah blah. I have had my lovely track with Nica Brooke licensed to a label ready for remixes and re-release next year as well as a flow of dates coming into my diary up to the end of the year. Despite being extremely busy for the last few months I didn’t really feel very inspired musically (aside from everything VB related of course). That seems to have changed this week. A few things have happened to put things into perspective for me, and today I feel on fire. I don’t think it’s indigestion.

I am already putting things into place for next year’s VB as well as a few big plans for the wife, kids and I for 2013. Taking time off from the radio show has definitely been needed as the weeks feel longer now I don’t have to worry about preparing music for a Thursday night. I will be taking a further two weeks off as I have to get some heating/air con fitted in the studio next week. I also just came up with a great idea for a new project to keep me out of mischief that EVERYONE can get involved in, DJs and non DJs alike.

I’m a little worried that this sudden burst of inspiration is down to the fact that I made myself a normal coffee instead of a decaf earlier. Only time will tell.

Oh, I forgot, we have a new kitten in the house which is a little cutey.

Anyway.. I felt the need to document this current mood swing. Off to Switzerland tomorrow. It’s going to be good. It’s going to snow !

If you have read this far.. you may like to check out this photo the lovely Jane Boye posted on Facebook. Definitely VERY safe for work.

Enjoy that ?


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