Get off my Traktor

I had a go on Traktor for the first time tonight, properly, in the mix. It was interesting.
I’ve always said I don’t understand why people kick up a fuss over DJs that use it with the sync button on. Why not? Saves a lot of mucking about I reckon. I said that, until I had a go with it. It is nowhere as easy as I thought it would be using the sync button.

As you can hear from the mix I did get caught out a tiny bit in a couple of places. If you have ever caught my VBCS mixes you know I can mix pretty decent without the sync button. If you ever heard me ‘back in the day’ you know I can mix pretty decent with vinyl. I have no issue using sync, although I wouldn’t use Traktor in a club. Nothing beats the new CDJs and a little USB key. That’s bad boy !

I did enjoy the looping functionality, the immediateness of it. Looping isn’t really something I mess about with too much, I prefer to let the music do the work, although for nice smooth transitions I think that part of Traktor will be great for me.

Anyway.. here is the mix. 80 minutes of music I pulled out of a folder prepared for the radio show next week. I had no idea how any of it was going to sound or fit together, only going with my gut instinct on the label or producer for where to program the tune. It came out OK. Once I actually prepare some music properly I think the next mix will be a lot better.

There are one or two moments of digital interference as my laptop struggled to cope with dragging the tunes from a remote desktop. Something else I learned half way thru !

Enjoy that ?

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