Final preparations

With two weeks left now until the first people start to arrive for the Vocal Booth Weekender, the anticipation has hit fever pitch.

There is a private group for The Vocal Booth Family this year on Facebook, and everyone is getting to know each other and cracking jokes, most of which are at my expense.

Ever since the event was announced, I have gone out of my way to ensure all runs smoothly however no amount of preparation can account for the basic ignorance of some people. I won’t bore you with the details but it seems that one email a month (at least) along with an in depth website, constant reminders on line as well as full information sent out with receipt of payment is STILL not enough for a lot of people who insist on asking stupid questions. The people who know me best find this hysterical… they know how much it winds me up, but as I have many of those lovely people to thank for selling out this year’s party I have to grin and bear it and accept it as the way it is.

So yes, the Vocal Booth Weekender has now SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone and make sure if you aren’t coming you join us on line throughout the week on Pressure Radio.

Talking of Pressure, I have had to cancel my show again tomorrow due to some last minute changes but I will definitely be on air next week getting everyone hyped ahead of the live show on Thu 15th September.

This also means the Vocal Booth Club Sessions are now on hold for some time, and after the Weekender I am seriously thinking about pulling back on all the radio shows and doing the occasional podcast rather than a weekly show on Thursday and every two weeks on SSRadio. That’s what I’m thinking now, let’s see how I feel after a few weeks (much needed) rest.

So until next week, be good !

Enjoy that ?

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