Facebook hacked !!

It’s official. I am the victim of a Facebook attack. Man down, man down !!

I noticed something a little strange earlier with the notifications I was receiving to my email address. Someone hacked into the hotmail account I use to log into Facebook, luckily it isn’t an account I use for anything important so am not too concerned.

Cue a morning of changing passwords on all my accounts, paypal etc etc.. bloody pain in the arse.

Talking of pain in the arses… it now appears that my profile photo is of a man with a very hairy bottom.. I can asure you it isn’t me or my boyfriend.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to access that account again, which is a bit of a pisser seeing as it has all the contacts and mailing lists in for the Vocal Booth and associated groups.

Life goes on, hey ! If you need me in the meantime, drop me a message here

Enjoy that ?

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  1. Ok, it seems that this is a very specific incident.. and not just a random hack as I first thought.

    I will fill you in on all the details after the weekend.. pissing myself laughing here !!

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