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Released this week, I am happy to announce the next track on Sounds of the Booth

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Here’s what is written on the sleeve notes:

The biographies for Tracy Brathwaite & Fabrizio Marra are anything other than what one would expect on Sounds of the Booth, a label primarily for up and coming artists. An accomplished songwriter and vocalist alongside a DJ in the game for over 20 years, we are honoured to present a track that has been waiting to be released for almost 12 months now, and this full package of mixes should be worth the wait.
Produced by Italian heartthrob, Fabrizio Marra, as soon as I heard this track I enquired as to it’s availability due to the sweet, seductive vocals and infectious bass and key lines.
The two mixes from Fabrizio ooze soul, while a slamming dub from Rob Hayes may be the favourite for some dance floor energy.
Maintaining the original vibe but adding a slightly different dimension, myself and Deep Josh present our first collaboration for a long time and we are extremely happy with the result.
Finishing off, the offering from Logistix is simple yet effective, much like Fabrizio himself, and goes to show why these guys are definitely a force to watch out for in the development of UK soulful house music.



If you are a regular supporter of the blog and radio show I will be happy to send you a FREE copy of the package in return for you promoting it on your wall or mailing list. ¬†Drop me a mail and I’ll hit you with the download link.

As always with this label, it is more about recognition for the artists and not monetary gain. ¬†Anyway, I don’t ask for much in return for all the hours of music you are provided with so just DO IT !

Enjoy that ?

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