Drunken bum

If you caught last Thursday’s show, you will have heard me mention how happy I was to have re-arranged things at home so I finally had both my turntables in operation. So happy, in fact, that after playing 3 hours of brand new music on The Vocal Booth I decided to do some impromptu mixing with the beloved vinyl.

Great music, wonderful company in the chat room and ‘one or two’ glasses of alcohol…

Even if it’s some time before you actually get around to listening to the show I recommend you download it, even if it’s just to hear how I go from being a little merry to full blown drunk in the space of a few tunes. At one point Michelle (the boss) came into the studio and gave me a telling off, which prompts a fit of giggles.

From soulful house to the finest 80’s classics in 3 hours, I could have edited out some of the chat but I think it adds to the flavour of the show (actually that’s not entirely true, I HAD to delete the last 45 minutes as I was talking too much rubbish).

Come take a trip down memory lane with me…. albeit a very shaky ride.

If you are subscribed to my podcast you should already have this, if not then either subscribe and download it, or simply listen on line.


Enjoy that ?

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