Disclosure – Why has their bubble burst already ?

This is a blog from 2 years ago. It’s the first time I mentioned Disclosure. You should read it.

Click here for the blog – Late to the Party – Disclosure

Over the following weeks I recall talking of them on my show and in subsequent blogs and asking how long it would be before they ‘sold out’. Personally, I don’t think their music is any different, style-wise, now than it was back then. They have millions of album sales and fans all over the world and are proper “pop crossover” material. To be honest there’s so much going on for them I really have no clue what else to say, they are officially “huge” ! As is Deep House Music. I am confused how people are hating on this fact. I heard an advert for a new Ministry of Sound Deep House compilation, not being up to speed with the new music I thought every tune sounding really good.

Anyway, that’s a whole different discussion…

This new blog is inspired by their latest offering, a re-edit of Pharrell’s ‘Frontin’. I think it’s fairly average to say the least. That isn’t why I’m writing the blog though.

I’ve seen so many people who used to love Disclosure publicly ridiculing them and their style of music they produce. Just as I predicted they would. It’s pretty fickle really but just a sad state of the music industry.

The music business is a cruel mistress isn’t she !!

Which reminds me… here is an analogy I posted recently:

Music and Fashion (click to view on Facebook)

Enjoy that ?

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  1. An EP is an EP Nick. I don’t need Wikipedia to tell me that. An extended player as opposed to a Long Player aka an LP aka an Album. Cheers

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