Devil makes work..

“They” say the devil makes work for idle hands.. well, after a crazy few days watching email after email ping into my inbox for VBW tickets and after finally recovering from my crazy Thursday night’s antics,¬†we recorded (Julian and I) the latest HIGHFY and sent it out to the world (as you already know).

After having something to do every second of every day for the last few months working (tinkering) on the VBW site I felt like a spare part yesterday.. so I threw a quick website together.
It is very basic but it is all that is required for the podcast that Julian and I record. The nature of the show means that I can use the other website and it’s blog for my short bursts of randomness and keep my longer trains of thought for here.

So, if you like watching me crack up every now and again and aren’t just here for the music, then pop on over to this website. There is even an app !

I think I might take this Thursday night off from the radio.. 3 shows in just as many days has made me sick of my own voice. Who’d have thought it !!!??

Enjoy that ?

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