Choice FM Reunion

Now THIS party.. I couldn’t be more excited about !

I wish my head wasn’t still so cloudy from the weekend as I really could write an entire book on my times at Choice FM and all that has come about from them.  Some of my best friendships were made with the staff, whether DJ or admin, as well as some of the most important changes in my career due to the shows and the people I met because of them.

On Bank Holiday May 4th, Sunday, we will be holding  a reunion at the legendary BelAir nightclub at the Belfry Golf Course on the outskirts of Birmingham.  Again, there are so many different reasons what make this reunion so special and I cannot wait to see so many old faces both behind and in front of the DJ Booth.

It seems EVERYONE is doing old school nights now and reunions, well let me tell you – THIS is one that I know NO ONE will want to miss that remember Choice FM and all the good times associated with it.

See you there !!

Enjoy that ?

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