VB 20th Oct

The Vocal Booth is back, baby… oh yeah !

3 hours of new music and the usual nonsense, just the way you like it. Take a listen to hear how I almost gave it all up !

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Suncebeat2 main stage

Recorded at the recent Suncebeat2 festival in Croatia, this week’s show is the opening set on the main stage as I warmed up for L’il Louis and the World. It was only meant to be a two hour set, but an early start and extended finish meant it became three hours. The last 40 minutes were the transition between sunset and the night time kicking in.
Take a read of the accompanying blog for some thoughts on warm up sets

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VB 18th Aug

Three hours of brand new music on this week’s show, a non-alcohol driven podcast so the nonsense was kept to a minimum and I TRIED not to get to excited about the VBW.

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