Andy Ward @ Groovenite, Switzerland. Feb 2019. 3 hr+ set

Enclosed is a 3 hr 15 min set of ‘Club Classics’ of the Soulful Genre. Even though it’s probably a little ‘obvious’ from start to finish (and that’s just me being fussy) there’s no denying that there is some timeless, outstanding music in this set. There’s nothing you won’t have heard my play many, many times before but having all these tunes together in one mix might just be the stuff dreams are made of for some.

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2018 in Review

The time has come for me to look back on the last twelve months, as I have done every year for the last nine or ten. It is a chance for me to reflect on all I have or haven’t achieved and to look forward to the year ahead. Health, Wealth & Happiness.

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Great Xmas Gift Idea for any kids in your life

Nothing at all to do with music so please forgive this blatant plug for work… it doesn’t happen often.

I had this great idea yesterday after seeing a friend post these questions and answers on her FB Profile. Couple of hours later I’d ordered her 5 posters to be sent direct to her house.

Five A3 posters (double the size of a normal sheet of paper) for just £30. That includes design, delivery and of course printing.

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