The end of Facebook as we know it

The following article goes some way to validate a previous blog written by myself regarding why it is so important for any business or serious professional to have their own website and, more importantly, immediate access to their own client/fan database outside of any social media network.

Sharing again to my own loyal network of friends and followers. (Thank You)

Please read this WHATEVER your line of work or level of interest as a DJ or musician. It is not a hard sell but is definitely information you need to know.

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Traxsource partners with AudioLock

Traxsource has partnered with the leading music specific anti-piracy service AudioLock to help boost sales for labels using their platform. The innovative deal, the first of its kind, allows anyone who sells their releases on Traxsource to get an exclusive 20% off AudioLock’s anti-piracy services simply by ticking a box within their newly integrated systems. Traxsource is the first digital download store to offer such a facility to its users.

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