Andy Ward – Sunday Lockdown VB2018

This set in it’s entirety is available via the VBW Podcast Portal or VBW App.

Whilst the radio show takes a few weeks break I wanted to share a few words at the start of this mix, explaining why it is possibly one of my favourite sets I have ever put together over the last twenty years.

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Mark Ward – My Brother

Two days ago I received tragic news about the passing of my ‘little’ bro, Elma. I wanted to put down a couple of words whilst I enjoy some time offline and thank my friends for all their messages.

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Bonus Mix – September Soul 2018

Here is a very rare ‘studio’ mix for you. If I say so myself, I totally nailed this one as I took to the airwaves on Pressure, filling in for Pugwash. 20 seconds of chat at the beginning & end and then non-stop grooves for two hours where I really enjoyed using lots of loops and pulling tunes out of the digital archives I’ve not played in a long time and one or two new purchases. This one is definitely a keeper!

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VB Radio live from Country Beat 2018

Country Beat is a party that’s been running for some years now, put on by Neil & Tammy Pinnock.

Here’s the recording of the live broadcast from there this weekend. I genuinely haven’t got a clue how it sounds, what I played or anything else surrounding the show. Let’s hope it’s a good one.

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