Blast from the past

It’s crazy how life races on around us. Before you know it, 15 years have passed in the blink of an eye.

Earlier today Pugwash posted a photo on Facebook of a CD he found that was a release on his own label, and would you believe it was one of MY remixes? This is going back 13 or 14 years, pretty trippy when you think about it, to think that our paths had crossed all that time ago and we hadn’t realised.

I knew exactly where the CD would be in my own collection and went to take a photo of it and unearthed a whole batch of other early works I did with Angus Campbell and some early UKG I did with Timmy Vegas.

I have loaded them to Soundcloud for you to check out.

I’m the first person to pipe up and say “unreleased tracks were unreleased for a reason” but seeing as these are my own tracks and I can remember some of the sessions when we were making them, I look back with a warm heart.

Do take a moment to check them all, some of them are pretty heavy (just scroll down until you hit a VB Radio show)

Enjoy that ?

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