Birmingham party

A cracking party to end a firing year for the Vocal Booth on Saturday night in Birmingham.
I seriously don’t remember much

of the night from about three quarters of the way into my set.. that tells me it was a good party and that I was comfortable enough to get shit-faced, safe in the knowledge everyone was having a good time and that all was in hand.

Respect to Gary Ward and Paul Griff for the collaboration on the party at the Rainbow, the many new faces present may bring hope for the future of deep house !  Great sets from the guys were followed by Ricky Reid, myself and Atjazz.  The night was rammed.  That’s as much of a review as you’re gonna get.

I had a chance to test out the new mixes of Strings of Life, which I’m sure you know is myself and Timmy Vegas as Soul Central.  Get the new Supernova mixes here.

Enjoy that ?


  1. It was a wicked night Mr Ward especially when u dropped energy flash by Joey Beltram!!!! u old raver u!!!! when’s the next reunion!!!!!! xxxx

  2. Agreed Kirsty – wicked.
    I am told it was a slightly better party than the London one so I am so pleased we made the effort.
    Thanks for the wonderful music throughout the year Andy.
    Onwards to VBW 2012 – Are we there yet?

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