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I was so very honoured recently to be asked to remix one of the UK’s finest outfits..

Bah Samba.

When I flew Julian Bendall over to Spain earlier in the year to work on “Streets of the Sun” we hit it off right away and I was able to learn a thing or two off him, and was inspired to ‘up my game’ some. What followed, with his help, was a string of releases and remixes that I am really pleased with.

Subsequently, Julian asked if I would like to remix the latest Bah Samba project, of course I jumped at the chance. It’s always a joy being able to work with good ingredients and this remix was no different.

I am very proud of the remixes I turned out, and am sure the whole package will do damage across the summer, this year and for many to come.

Listen out, in the Sunshine Vocal mix, for the sounds of the beach a few hundred yards from my front door, along with my children shouting loud and proud “Bah Samba”. Also, the guy counting in after the breakdown on the drums.. yup, that’s l’il ole me.

Also, crazy as it sounds, it’s really cool to see my name down in the credits next to Bass & Keys.

Some great feedback on my mixes and the package.. show your support people.

Bah Samba Ft Tasita D’mour – Live in the Summer – available to purchase here


‘Live In The Summer – Bah Samba (Calor Mix)’
Written by Julian Bendall and Tasita D’mour
Produced by Julian Bendall and Mark Ralph
Published by Alarcon Music Publishing Ltd/D’mour Music
Vocals – Tasita D’mour
Rhodes/Moog/Arp/Juno 60/Additional Keys – Julian Bendall
Guitar – Mark Ralph
Bass – Mark Ralph
Percussion – Oli Savill
Drums – Tristan Banks
Trumpet – Dominic Glover
Trombone – Nichol Thompson

‘Live In The Summer -Andy Ward Sunshine Vocal Mix’
Remixed by Andy Ward for Vicious Entertainment
Mixed and mastered by Deep Josh @ D10studio
Bass – Andy Ward

‘Live In The Summer – Andy Ward Roasted Dub’
Remixed by Andy Ward for Vicious Entertainment
Mixed and mastered by Deep Josh @ D10studio
Keys – Andy Ward/Julian Bendall
Bass – Andy Ward

Enjoy that ?

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