Soul Central – Back on the Production Releases

Whilst it’s been some time since I made anything new in the studio, it’s great to have a couple of releases back in the marketplace.

Lover who Rocks You

Previously re-released on vinyl is this beauty from myself and Timmy Vegas, under the guise of Johnny Rampin’ (a very loose way of paying tribute to Danny Rampling).

Originally written & released back in the year 2000 as a white label featuring the full acapella from India’s ‘Lover Who Rocks You’ over the top of a reworked instrumental of our now much loved ‘Strings of Life’ cover. Eventually the vocal was removed and replaced with a song written by Timmy & Kathy Brown. This made us Top 10 superstars in the UK Charts back in 2005, despite being massive on the underground for a few years beforehand. Everyone now knows it as Soul Central – Strings of Life (vocal version ft Kathy Brown – Stronger on My Own).

Anyway, the dub features a lot less of the vocal so I felt it sounded pretty fresh still and was snapped up by Marc Cotterell and released earlier this year. It is now available digitally.

On the Edge

Another Soul Central nugget gets a reworking for 2018 on the Yoversion label. The original release from a good few years ago kind of slipped under the radar, despite a pretty mental video documentary of when Timmy spent some time here as we mixed it down. A strong package of mixes lined up from John Jones will hopefully give the release more legs and reach the audience it craves. There is definitely something for everyone here.

Enjoy that ?

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